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We are born, we live, we die. There are ceremonies and occasions to celebrate, to commemorate - to mark in one way or another. So much to celebrate and so little time.

The periods of lockdown and restriction that have recently been imposed upon us by the current pandemic have highlighted the limitations on the time that we have here on Earth. I cannot be alone in thinking that, once I am allowed to, I am going to party, party, party!

What do you have lined up to celebrate? Is there a significant event in your life that needs to be marked or remembered or will merit a ceremony?

Let us work together to create that ceremony. Contact me for a free, no obligations garden chat or Zoom. 

Are you thinking of presenting your own ceremony? I offer a script-writing service. Just get in touch and we can sort it out!


There are a vast number of elements available for use at ceremonies.

Let me talk to you about ceremonies which include your children and extended families, which remember loved ones who have passed away, which represent the transition from one way of life to another and which celebrate the joining of two families.

You can mark the occasion with a witnessed commemorative certificate or bury a time capsule to open on a chosen anniversary.

You can show your love and gratitude to a parent or loved one with a presentation of roses or celebrate your union with the blending of wines. 

There are so, so many options for you to choose from. Just contact me and I can help you.

A woven ribbon ready the hand-fasting ceremony at an upcoming Vow Renewal .
Memorial candle.jpg

Lighting a Memorial Candle is a lovely way to have a deceased loved one represented at your ceremony. 

Themed Ceremonies

Vikings, StarWars, Game of Thrones? Are you looking to give your ceremony a theme? Maybe just a colour theme? Maybe a special dress code? The limitations are dictated by your imagination. 

Go wild or remain traditional. It's YOUR ceremony!!   07925045553 (mobile)

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